Willian claims he could leave Chelsea over contract issues

Willian has suggested he could leave Chelsea over the summer, due to a dispute with the club over a contract renewal. His current contract expires in June.

The 31-year-old has yet to sign a new contract with Chelsea, though the London club have made some offers. During the summer, he could leave London without a single cent unless he now renews his contract with the Blue.

The Chelsea winger is seeking a three-year contract, with Chelsea only offering to extend his contract for another year. Willian’s situation is being monitored by some clubs, such as Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham and Juventus.

Arriving for Ajax transfer winger Hakim Ziyech at Chelsea over the summer makes coach Frank Lampard have more options for attacking wings next season and raises doubts about Willian’s future.

Willian has now revealed that he has been given the opportunity to stay at Stamford Bridge for another two years, but he wants a three-year contract – a move that could force him to leave London if Chelsea bosses do not change their minds.

“It is a difficult situation because Chelsea have offered me a two-year contract and they will not change their offer. I’ve told them I want another three years,” the Brazilian winger said.

“The situation has become more difficult because of this. I don’t know if it will be possible for me to stay. “My goal is to keep working and focus on the rest of the season so Chelsea can continue to win matches.”

“I have a clear mind and am focused on the rest of the season we have. It’s hard to say if I will stay. We’ll see what happens.”

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