Griezmann: “I’m the one who has to create space, but sometimes I’m not seen”

French striker Antoine Griezmann scored the equalizer for Barcelona in Tuesday’s game against Napoli in San Paolo, which ended in a 1-1 draw. However, he complained about the lack of co-operation he sometimes has with his teammates.

Antoine Griezmann insisted after the match against Napoli that his job is to try to create space in the attacking unit, especially against compact defensive clubs such as Napoli. However, he did not manage to be very effective during the first half.

“We have to work harder. My job is to create space and sometimes they [the teammates] see me and sometimes they don’t see me. In the first part I didn’t contribute much, while in the second we had more options,” said Griezmann.

The 1:1 draw against Napoli puts Barcelona in a favorable position ahead of returning matches, as the Catalans will be able to rely on support at Camp Nou. However, Griezmann would have preferred an even better result in Italy.

“We wanted to win, we gave everything by ourselves and it just wasn’t written to happen. Initially it was difficult to create cases and find spaces,” said Griezmann.

“It seems to me that we didn’t even have a shot inside the opposing goalkeeper in the first half. Then, we used their fatigue in the second half of the match.”

Now, Barcelona will face the Santiago Bernabeu with Real Madrid at the weekend on Sunday. But the Frenchman did not want to comment on the match when asked about it.

“We know it’s a very important week. We are good, we are focused. We need to recover and prepare for the match against Madrid,” Griezmann concluded.

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