Anatomy of a Classic Goal: Bergkamp's pirouette vs. Newcastle

As we eagerly await the return of world football, we’re taking this opportunity to look back on some of the most memorable goals ever scored. Going frame by frame, we’ll dissect how, exactly, these epic moments came to fruition.

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Who, where, and when?

  • Goalscorer: Dennis Bergkamp (Arsenal)
  • Match: Newcastle vs. Arsenal
  • Competition: Premier League
  • Date: March 2, 2002

Dutch legend Bergkamp has long believed his greatest-ever tally to be his divine last-minute goal against Argentina at the 1998 World Cup. It’s hard to argue with that. Hell, the indelible strike has been immortalized in bronze.

But ask any Arsenal fan, and they’ll likely tell you that Bergkamp’s most spellbinding moment came at St. James’ Park in 2002 when he scored a crucial goal with a balletic maneuver that hadn’t been seen before, and hasn’t been replicated since.

His iconic pirouette against Newcastle helped spur the Gunners to the Premier League title, but more than its tangible value, the sheer ingenuity makes it one of the truly unforgettable goals in league history.

Here’s the magical moment in its entirety: