Juventus, 92% win with Higuain-Dibala

One does not have to look far behind to see hanging faces and eyes reflecting an uncertain future. Then the mercatto took other directions, conditioned by the players themselves who wanted to stay.

And Mauricio Sarri now thanks, because Gonzalo Higuain seems to have returned to the former goleador. As Paulo Dybala is becoming more and more a key part of his “Juventus”. Now, in a row, they are forming the duo in attack with Cristiano Ronaldo, but the coach knows there is a chance to see them both together for an “atomic” attack.

Winning doubles – Attempted even in the most delicate match, in “San Siro” against Inter. Only ten minutes, because then Inter started to push and things changed.

However, it was enough for the fans to start dreaming. That Dybala and Higuain beat Inter is a chronicle, when both of them score, Juventus always wins, that is  history: yes, it has happened in 13 games and the Bianconeri have won 12 (on average 92%).

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