Milan fans come out with a strong statement against the club

Milan fans have issued a statement saying the club are weak and are still failing to reach their goals, as it is reported that coach Marco Giampaolo will be replaced by Stefano Pioli.

Marco Giampaolo was fired today after just seven games for AC Milan and only after 111 days in the position of coach of the Reds, breaking the club record for the shorter-term coach.

Pioli is already in Milan at a hotel and he is expected to be announced today as Milan’s new head coach, but fans are angry that their club have been changing their ninth coach since Massimiliano Allegri was fired in January 2014.

“Time has passed… you have to prove yourself! This was written in the choreography that appeared on Saturday during the match against Genoa, representing a large part of Milan fans who are tired of the club’s constant shame, ”Curva Sud’s statement read.

“Whenever we think we have reached the lowest point, the situation gets worse. “We have supported the new project with young players, we have accepted with great heart the fact that we will not see stars transfer here, at least for now.”

“We watched, shocked, the failed Giampaolo era, a choice that was strongly supported by current leaders just to be thrown out the window without even three months of work (rightly).”

“We have seen a summer transfer window filled with failed transfers that have been replaced at the last minute by other players we had never mentioned before for the new Milan project.”

“Today, after all, we find ourselves facing another change, the last in recent years. “We do not want to comment on the tactical merits of the new coach, as he will be judged on the playing field.”

Curva Sud’s statement went on to criticize Milan for trying to appoint Luciano Spalletti, but when the costs turned out to be excessive they returned to Pioli.

“What leaves us out of the club, who had chosen another coach for our bench yet without telling the old coach that he was fired, then moved on to a second option,” the statement said.

“This again highlights the weakness of the club and the failure to reach the target they were aiming for again. So prove yourself to the standards of our Milan history, on the field, on the bench, but above all in the office because the decisions made at the head of the club can build a healthy and robust club. ”

“Red fans are tired of experimenting. We do not deserve this and will never accept this spectacle of ignorance! “

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