After secret treatment in France, Schumacher’s doctor says: I don’t do miracles

Weeks ago it was reported by international media that Formula One legend Michael Schumacher was experiencing secret treatment, and now his primary care physician has spoken.

Philippe Menasche has said that they are treating the German legend cautiously and that his fans must have patience and not believe everything written in the media.

“Michael’s treatment is proceeding, I don’t do miracles,” Schumacher’s primary care physician told the Italian paper La Repubblica.

The seven-time Formula One title holder is accepted to have gotten undifferentiated cell transfusions that decrease irritation and was apparently visited by previous Ferrari supervisor Jean Todt.

The previous German pilot endured close lethal cerebrum damage in a ski mishap in 2013 in the French Alps.

It is comprehended that Professor Menasche was treating Schumacher with ‘undeveloped cell mixtures’ that were made to deliver a ‘calming activity’.

“My group and I are not doing an analysis, an appalling term that is contradictory with a genuine restorative look,” he disclosed to Italian media.

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